Work by Photographer Alexandra Vainshtein

Krempp Gallery

Jan. 1, 2024 - Feb. 28, 2012

951 College Avenue
Jasper, Indiana 47546
(812) 482-3070

The Krempp Gallery at the Jasper Arts Center is pleased to present the work of photographer Alexandra Vainshtein. In this exhibit, her black and white photography intrigues the audience and truly captures the “pure emotion” of dance. Since she was a child Vainshtein has always admired dance, the refinement, elegance and dignity involved in the motions. Later in life she discovered the beauty and grace of tango from Buenos Aires. After witnessing these dances a myriad of kaleidoscopic emotions flooded her mind. In order to express those emotions, Vainshtein opt with photography when she received her first camera. Vainshtein discovered that tango was not just a nice series of movements, but telling of a story without the use of words. In her artist statement Vainshtein relates, “The story will change with each dance. For every new dance there is a new story, and the audience will relate to it through their own eyes and their own experiences. The same dance can mean something completely different to two people watching. Never sexual, but always passionate, tango is truly bewitching to behold. Dance has always been and will be something of a mystery to me.” Vainshtein is a photographer living and working in New York. She has always been intrigued by black and white photography and has been inspired by scenes as close as her Brooklyn neighborhood and as far away as Europe. She is constantly trying to create unique photographs from familiar scenes in New York and wherever she travels. To learn more about Alexandra Vainshtein, visit her website The Krempp Gallery, located in the Jasper Arts Center adjacent to the VUJC campus, is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, until 7 pm on Thursdays, and Sunday from noon to 3 pm. School groups, clubs and students are welcome. Admission is free. For more information, please call the Art Center at 482-3070. The Jasper Arts Center is managed by the Jasper Community Arts Commission, a department of the City of Jasper. The JCAC is supported by the Friends of the Arts, Inc., the Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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