Will’s Creek Exhibition – Being Sentient | Sentient Being

Allegany Arts Council Saville Gallery

Sep. 9, 2024 - Sep. 30, 2017

9 North Centre Street
Cumberland, 21502
Phone (301) 777-2787


18th Annual Will’s Creek Exhibition – Call for Entry

The Will’s Creek Exhibition is a national juried exhibition of contemporary American art hosted by the Allegany Arts Council at its professional Saville and Schwab galleries in Cumberland, Maryland. Now in it’s 18th year, the Will’s Creek Exhibition features contemporary art relating to an exhibition theme. This year’s theme is Being Sentient/Sentient Being. We invite artists to consider how as “human” sentient beings, we express an awareness of “ourselves” in relation to “others” in a work of art – be it other humans, other living creatures, or even nature itself, the very complex of forces that makes sentience possible. We welcome traditional media, as well as installation, video, kinetic, sound, and performance art.

We are all alone in our perceptions of the world. At the same time, we are profoundly connected, both with other humans, and all sentient beings. In Western thought, sentient beings are understood as all living beings that have the capacity for pleasure and pain. This is closely related to the Buddhist view of sentience as a quality shared by all creatures who are subject to illusion, suffering, and death. Both of these perspectives center on the notion of compassion – or one’s ability to feel and care for others.

Aneta Georgievska-Shine is an art historian with academic specialization in Renaissance and Baroque art, whose interests range from ancient to contemporary art. In addition to teaching at the University of Maryland, she frequently presents lectures for museums and art institutions in the Washington D.C. area, including the Walters Art Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and the Smithsonian. Aneta has curated a number of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in Washington D.C. and internationally.

$30 for the first two entries and $15 for each additional entry – up to 10 entries.

To enter: https://www.callforentry.org

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