When I Wanted Everything

Totah Gallery

Oct. 24, 2024 - Dec. 18, 2019

183 Stanton St
New York, 10002
PHONE (212) 582-6111


TOTAH presents When I Wanted Everything, an exhibition of new works by Alex Sewell, on view October 24th through December 18th, 2019. This is Sewell’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

The images populating Alex Sewell’s paintings archive an ongoing dialectic between the artist’s personal memory and the collective identity of the American psyche. A restive sense of melancholy threads through each work on exhibit using a disarmingly personable tone. Sewell meticulously destabilizes all-too-familiar vistas of American suburbia, imposing a translucent scrim of violence onto objects ordinarily earmarked for passive consumption. Video games, television, toys of every kind become eerily macabre, giving the lie to the placid everydayness of his themes.

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