We Become Present

New York Artist Residency & Studio (NARS) Foundation

Jul. 9, 2024 - Jul. 30, 2021

201 46th Street
Brooklyn, 11220
PHONE 718-768-2765


NARS Foundation is pleased to introduce “We Become Present,” an exhibition showcasing the works of artists working at the #201 building on 46th street in Sunset Park Brooklyn.

We Become Present centers the attention on works that were created during the pandemic – a time filled with grief, tension, despair and uncertainty. For the artists in this exhibition, a way to cope with world events has been through their artistic practice. Some have focused on the healing processes and refuge present in nature, looking at its cycles and repetitive actions. Others have created pieces that are meant to be activated – by movement, sound or as a form of protest. Several have used their art making to create their own hybrid spaces and fantastic worlds. The studio space has become a shelter, but also a space for transformation and for recording the passage of time.

Either as a continuation of their previous works or as a window to new explorations, these pieces can be read as coping methods, occasions to reach for connection, safe spaces and continuous reaffirmations of a self, existing today.

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