Vznik vs Zánik: An Insight on Matters that Matter

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Oct. 25, 2024 - Nov. 29, 2014

2525 Michigan Ave. T3
Santa Monica, California 90404


Lora Schlesinger East Gallery presents Iva Hladis’ Vznik vs Zánik: An Insight on Matters that Matter. Vznik vs Zánik features new assemblages by Iva Hladis. Iva, a devout environmentalist, uses found motherboards in opposition to botanicals, insects, and animal parts to address environmental issues. Each piece is constructed carefully with beads, hand-picked leaves and flowers carefully preserved and arranged on to a circuit card, resembling a digitized landscape. The sides are carefully finished with hand-painted text and calligraphic elements often warning of the perils of human behavior and our relationship to the world.

Iva Hladis grew up in Zlín, Czech Republic. Zlín is nicknamed Green City. Surrounded by nature, she grew a strong appreciation for all living things. Iva moved to Los Angeles in 1986. She received a degree in physics and chemistry in 1984 from Středni průmyslová škola koželužská- Zlín, Czech Republic. In 1989 she studied design, painting and life drawing at West Los Angeles College in Culver City, CA.

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