Vito Pasquale Photographs

The Gallery at Still River Editions

Jan. 1, 2024 - Mar. 30, 2012

128 East Liberty St.
Danbury, Connecticut 6810

Vito Pasquale is a photographer and writer from Mount Kisco, NY. Many of Pasquale’s photographs are abstracts and photo-manipulations that go beyond taking the world at face value. In his poem, “(Somewhere) After Silence (and) Before Regret”, Pasquale refers to “. . .the surprisingly elastic properties of a dream.” The photographs dance around that dream-state in the everyday. His book of poetry, Fourteen Threadless Needles, was published in 2011. Pasquale says about his photographs, “I believe it is healthy to have a casual disregard for authority. In some cases it might even be necessary to have a determined disregard – please don’t tell my kids. In any case, the sky that is saturated and yellow, the off-kilter street scene, the blackened hills, the something there is that doesn’t love a happy ending, these are the approaches that I take. I believe in the pretty picture, but only if it’s very, very pretty, which means it’s probably a flower and the bloom is fading away.”

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