Vision: An Artist’s Perspective

Kaleid Gallery

Jul. 5, 2024 - Jul. 29, 2016

88 South 4th Street
San Jose, 95112

Cheeky, Raw and Authentic:Gripping Narrative Works for
Female Only Exhibition
Artist Reception: July 16th, 4:30 – 7:00 PM, Artist Talks: 5:00
Enter the gallery to an exploding sink, cheeky innuendos embedded in installations, conceptual works made of hair, string and rubber tubing-gripping narratives in raw, gritty works telling the authentic, hard truth on issues from the perspective of self-identified women artists. Vision: An Artist’s Perspective introduces thirty-eight female artists from around the US and Canada to the Kaleid Gallery in San Jose, CA, curated by Gutfreund Cornett Art with
Gutfreund Cornett Art with Unite created an exhibition that asked the questions: In this turbulent time of political changes, global conflicts, social, racial, gender and economic inequality, how do we effect positive change through art? How do we act in collaboration or alone across generational differences, races, identities and cultures to build our future, locally and globally? The 79 works chosen, with special recognition awards by Suzanne Gray, Seager Gray Gallery and Michelle Nye, SF MoMA Artists Gallery, are from a broad spectrum of self-identified women artists with diversity in culture, ethnicity and age, on a wide and thought-provoking spectrum of themes: identity, gender, race, immigration, women’s rights, education, violence, and feminism.

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