Vice Verse: Sculpture and Drawings by Tanda Francis

Brooklyn Arts Fellowship Gallery

Nov. 18, 2024 - Dec. 9, 2016

210 24th street
Brooklyn, 11232
(718) 877-0766

The world we live in is under a massive amount of pressure. As technology and population explode around us; racial, cultural, economic, and physical boundaries are constantly being tested. Communication is critical to understanding where we stand in all of it, while the noise surrounding us can make connection more difficult than ever.

VICE VERSE is a body of work comprised of drawing and sculpture which reflect this vice-like discord. Dynamic volumes are formed through physical impact. Movement and non-verbal mantras push the hand and body to express using the tools and modes of writing without clearly defining the edges of language and forms. Visual dialogue is developed where words can not be expressed.

Brooklyn Arts Fellowship

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