Veronika Kellndorfer & Antonio Ballester Moreno

Christopher Grimes Gallery

Mar. 17, 2024 - Apr. 28, 2018

916 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, 90401
PHONE 310-587-3373

Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition with Veronika Kellndorfer and Antonio Ballester Moreno. While divergent in materiality, Kellndorfer and Ballester Moreno share a sensibility in their approach to the subject of Modernism as a theme in their work. Kellndorfer’s practice is centered on photographing some of the most recognized and renowned Modernist architectural spaces around the world, while Ballester Moreno’s paintings embody the Modernist emphasis on line, form, symbolism, color and process, bringing to mind early champions of the avant-garde such as Paul Klee, Joan Miró and Josef Albers.

For this exhibition, Kellndorfer presents photographs of Modernist structures by Albert Frey and Oscar Niemeyer printed on highly reflective glass panels. She primarily focuses her lens on the transparent façades of the structures, allowing the difference between the interior and exterior to play out on the surface of the glass. As a result of this process, the viewer and their surroundings are conflated on the surfaces of the works, resulting in the superimposition of image space and real space, the man-made and the natural.

With attention to texture and figuration, Ballester Moreno applies up to thirty layers of thinned acrylic paint to raw, unprimed jute, essentially dyeing the surface of the canvas. Using this process he applies elements of a simplified, geometric visual language that cohesively represent nature. Through symbolic depictions of the sun, moon, water, mountains and light, Ballester Moreno’s paintings portray a natural world that is interdependent, integral and cyclical.

Christopher Grimes

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