Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Dec. 15, 2024 - Dec. 28, 2017

143 Orchard Street
New York, 10002
PHONE 212-477-1188


Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present exhibitions of Inkyoung Lee “Saw That It Was Good” and Misun Chun “Untitled”. These two solo shows, which will be on for two weeks, Consist of a retrospective look at each artist’s unique worldly perspectives. Implementing the use of space as a medium, both Lee and Chun work to construct personalized landscapes poised for the viewer to immerse themselves within. Thought separate, the exhibitions operate in a harmonious nature, the works elevating one another as each piece exists as another facet of the artist’s individual immortalized utopias.

After Graduating from Ewha Women’s University with an MFA as well as completing multiple successful shows in Korea, this will be Inkyung Lee first exhibition in New York. Lee’s work holds a surreal quality, although accessed very differently. Her two driving mantras “Everyday a Blessing” and within each human exists a “Micro-Cosmos” hold insight into the miniaturized utopia glimpsed within each work. Searching for inspiration in the same way one searches for the last slivers of a dream already lost to the early morning haze; Lee perpetually strains for what is just out of reach. However, this escapade is not of a daunting nature to Lee. Instead of feeling the burden of a ceaseless task, Lee is constantly amazed by the stunning intricacy within each day and every person. This belief is encompassed within Lee’s take on simulated environments.

Misun Chun, with a MFA from Sejong University, balances Inkyung Lee’s in perspectival space. Chun displays an acute talent in expressing complicated emotions through simplified forms. Within her series “Untitled” a narrative arc can be glimpsed throughout the individual pieces. More collective than linear, the works do not tell a story consisting in the usual sense of “beginning, middle and end”; instead culminating in an overarching expression of Chun’s own connections to the predeterminations of space. Within her older works, repeated objects are carefully placed within Chun’s environmentally ambiguous settings. However, in Chun’s most recent series “Untitled”: though space is still a crucial player in each piece, the specificity of placement is shead. Working to cherish the spontaneity of her process, Chun leaves room for improvisation in each new work; experiencing a give and take with the materials that inevitably leads to an abstract representation of life.

Although both artists follow different paths to find influence, their end products exist in a space of tranquility. The surrealist nature of the paintings: creating a space with only tenuous connections to the natural world, defines a transportative capability many strive for, though few are able to achieve. Inkyung Lee and Misun Chun being part of the gifted few able to do so, both aim to continue using space and existence as merely guidelines in their search for the otherworldly.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery has long history of introducing exceptional emerging and established international artists to the New York audience. By recognizing young talents that retain and embrace traditions yet express them through original and exciting voices, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between times and cultures.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery, 143B Orchard Street, NY, NY 10002
Hours: Weds.-Sun. 11-6, for more information contact [email protected] or call 212-477- 1188.

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