Under the Sea

Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Jul. 10, 2024 - Aug. 29, 2015

217 W. Huron Ave (lower level)
Chicago, Illinois 60654


The Sea – the final frontier. This is an exhibition at Jennifer Norback Fine Art. Its seven-week duration: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and submerged civilizations, to boldly go where no gallery has gone before…

Opening July 10, “Under the Sea” features multimedia prints, etchings and engravings, and collage and paintings from Tony Fitzpatrick and Michael Goro, as well as from noted musician and artist Jon Langford.

The lure of the sea, is the lure of freedom: dangerous, beautiful, and unknown. The sea dominates our planet, so vast, her movement can only be moved by the gravity of celestial bodies or great shifts of Earth’s mantle. With one strike of her paw, her currents, storms, and tidal waves make a mockery of all man’s hubris. Her great depths, yet unpenetrated, hold terrors and beauty unimagined. On land and air, man may be the be top predator, but the sea just laughs and belches back our plastic detritus as sand. Kill the fish, kill the coral, kill the sharks, it only makes room for her new children. For a billion years she has nurtured life: horrifying, tender, beautiful, and cruel.

The sea – we can’t help but envy the next generation of adventurers and scientist who get to probe her secrets. We stand on the precipice of the unknown, but one thing is for sure: There Be Monsters.

This exhibition will show through August 29.

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