Under The Rug

Centre Gallery

Jul. 24, 2024 - Aug. 3, 2017

4202 East Fowler Avenue, MSC 2700
Tampa, 33620
Phone (813) 974-5464


Centre Gallery is pleased to present Erika Schnur’s solo exhibition Under the Rug. For this exhibition, Schnur has used photography, sculpture and installation to bring light to social and political issues that are often swept “under the rug”.

Under the Rug serves as a vehicle to challenge and confront the dismissive attitude of key political figures on matters of grave importance that are constantly obscured by the media. Schnur employs various techniques ranging from her photographic prints of miniature figures to her graphic ceramic sculptures or her immersive installations. She invites viewers to indulge in her form of artistic activism while engaging in activated spectatorship.

Erika Schnur is a 25-year-old BFA student majoring in studio art with a concentration in photography who is graduating from USF in the fall. She plans to work within the art community of the Tampa Bay area as a fine photographer following graduation.

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