Walker Fine Art

Nov. 7, 2024 - Jan. 10, 2015

300 W. 11th Ave Ste A
Denver, Colorado 80204


Walker Fine Art proudly presents: Unchartered, featuring Don Quade and Brandon Reese, in a collaborative exhibit.
Quade creates collaged panels that represent snapshots of small but impactful moments. His unique work combines elements of his life and love for color. Reese ‘s larger than life size ceramic sculptures are very organic. He appreciates the idea of something that is handmade and makes an effort to leave his “finger prints” on all of his pieces. This exhibit is about memories and moments that combine to form the artists past, present, and future. Unchartered, will show the viewer how both Quade and Reese start with a small idea and then gradually let the piece build itself. “It’s not the destination, but the journey.”
The back half of the gallery will be a three person group show with artists; Brigan Gresh, Gwen Laine and Ron Johnson. Their work will include photography and mixed media on panel.

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