Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Sep. 27, 2024 - Dec. 13, 2017

250 Broome Street
New York, 10002

Inspired by the popular early 20th century Vaudeville genre, TRANS-Ville consists of a variety of original, short acts combining body, word, sound and concept works playing with notions of transition. Curator Coco Dolle and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery invite you to witness the voices, peep shows, satires, manifestos and queer visions of our city in the gallery’s window space. In three acts transpiring over Fall/Winter 2017, we present to you with the disruptive, the uncanny, the transformative.

*Act ONE Wednesday, September 27th, 7-9PM
Artists: Christen Clifford, Jahmal B.Golden, Jennifer Elster, Jerome AB, Lindsay Dye, The Henry.
*Act TWO Sunday, November 5th, 2-4PM | Artists TBA
*Act THREE Wednesday, December 13th, 7-9PM | Artists TBA

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