Tom Loeser: Please, Please, Please

The Center for Art in Wood

Feb. 12, 2024 - Jul. 24, 2021

141 N 3rd Street
Philadelphia, 19106
PHONE 215 923-8000

The exhibition presents imaginative furniture and works on paper by Wisconsin-based maker and designer Tom Loeser. This playful show encourages viewers to shake up their habits and interact with the environment and one another, while considering issues such as body posture and etiquette that are often taken for granted. Loeser’s work also raises a clever question: “If the furniture we sit on every day were totally different, would our lives be different, too?”

Guest curated by Glenn Adamson, Please Please Please reimagines what furniture can be by juxtaposing the artist’s furniture with his series of pyrographs and cyanotype prints. “In making this exhibition,” says Adamson, “we have been inspired by Loeser’s way of turning furniture upside-down and inside-out. This is partly about understanding the medium’s full potential, and partly about sheer enjoyment. It’s a show that children and adults alike will love.”

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