Tom Hammick: Lunar Voyage

Flowers Gallery

Oct. 24, 2024 - Dec. 16, 2017

529 West 20th Street, Suite 3E
New York, 10011
PHONE 212.439.1700

Flowers Gallery New York is pleased to present Lunar Voyage, an exhibition of works by Tom Hammick, opening October 24th, 2017.

British artist Tom Hammick has described landscape in his work as a metaphor to explore an “imaginary and mythological dreamscape.” Drawing from a wide range of sources, from Japanese woodblock prints to Northern European Romantic painting, utopian Modernism and contemporary cinema, Hammick’s depictions of isolated human dwellings grounded in uncanny dream-like settings summon the uneasy atmosphere of a psychologically-charged thriller, or a dystopian suburban nightmare.

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