Tim Ebner

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

Apr. 26, 2024 - May. 24, 2014

2525 Michigan Ave, B4
Santa Monica, California 90404


Continuing his investigation into form & materials, Tim Ebner once more transforms
Rosamund Felsen Gallery into a lively illusion of aquatic life full of three dimensional
upholstery fabric fish, painted burlap starfish, and welded steel stingrays swimming through
the gallery rooms and along the walls.

Center stage sees new larger fabric fish propped up by welded steel bases. These new steel
bases are composed of robust forms. They tightly pinch the eyelashed and lipsticked fabric
fish, controlling & restricting them – creating dynamic tension in the interaction of their
contrasting materials and creation processes. The rugged industrial steel bases are likened to
drawing and the spontaneity in their creation & fluidity contrast starkly against the carefully
planned, methodically sewn, beautifully patterned, sensuality of the graceful fish.

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