The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse

J. Elster Gallery

May. 13, 2024 - May. 21, 2016

75 Leonard Street
New York, 10013

Jennifer Elster spent years of deep, and at times, bizarre excavation into the recesses of her mind and the minds of her subjects, using words, paper, canvases, photographs, audio, video and performance art as a way to deal with the severity of reality. Out of a harrowing hole to a beautiful place and back. Repeat. Raging inside with a loud and articulate voice to help others, but always, somehow, swallowed. The work includes a piercing reflection of existence as well as a glimpse into the innards of Elster and her work with subjects, such as Yoko Ono and Terrence Howard, who participated in her experimental films marked by unusual instructions. Come for an excursion through a recluse’s mind in hindsight as well as a forecast, in hindsight.

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