The Politics of Fear & Patient Seas

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Jun. 12, 2024 - Jul. 14, 2019

486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, 02118
PHONE 617 482 7781

Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent solo shows, How?Now. By artist Kathleen Volp and Patient Seas, by artist Sally Fine

How?Now is comprised of a series of small works called The Politics of Fear and recent large scale pieces expanding on its theme. Begun in late 2016 the small scale and humble
materials of The Politics of Fear pieces represent a reproach to towering monuments to war heroes and ideologues – men posed in chesty triumph on horses sculpted to echo their rider’s arrogance.

Patient Seas features Sally S. Fine’s recent sculpture embracing oceanic phenomena through
the lens of climate change and consequences our seas suffer at the hands of contemporary hu- man activity.These phenomena link the global and the personal, as well as the past and future of our oceans.The exhibition title, Patient Seas, refers to the critical conditions in our seas today, afflicted with a pandemic of dead and dying coral reefs. With more than 70% of the earth’s surface composed of oceans, the demise of these ocean nurseries through ocean acidification and global warming means we have an ailing planet indeed.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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