The New New

Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Jan. 9, 2024 - Feb. 13, 2016

1947 Palmer Avenue
Larchmont, 10538
(914) 834-8077



Reception: Saturday evening, January 9, 6:30 – 8:00, Public Invited

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5:30
The New New
Kenise Barnes Fine ArAdd Newt is pleased to open the 2016 exhibition season with a showcase of new artwork. The exhibition titled The New New presents the work of eight artists from around the country: Charles Clary (SC), David Collins (NY), June Edmonds (CA), Francine Fox (CO), Stephen Grossman (CT), Andrea Kantrowitz (NY), Molly McCracken-Kumar (OR) and Josette Urso (NY). Fall is typically a very productive time for an artist in the studio. Returning from summer studies or pleasures with renewed inspiration and dedication, many artists embark on a fresh body of work. Exhilarated by the rich and diverse offering of our artists’ studios, we present a selection of artwork from our represented gallery artists and newcomer, June Edmonds. This exhibition includes both abstract and representational oil paintings, mandala-like paper collages, drawings tattooed with watercolor, and hand-cut paper sculptures that emerge from vintage, patterned wallpapered sheetrock. This variety is representative of the creative culture in the United States and a sampling of contemporary art at the dawn of the new year.

gallery I and II - The New New: David Collins, Charles Clary, June Edmonds, Francine Fox, Stephen Grossman, Andrea Kantrowitz, Molly McCracken-Kumar, Josette Urso

This January we pay special attention to the Taiwanese artist Lalani Nan whose talent is showcased with three large new canvases on our feature wall in gallery 1. Nan’s oil paintings depicting draped and folded fabrics are stunningly beautiful and the result of precise and trained observation. Nan builds her paintings layer by layer in veils of oil paint describing the nuances of fabric, and of light and shadow on its surface. The paintings call to mind the rich silks and satins of courtly costumes painted by Renaissance masters. Each meticulously crafted painting requires more than three months of Nan’s concentrated attention.

Additional space in our project room is reserved for framed drawings and our flat files which house hundreds of unframed works on paper. We always have a wide selection of paintings, drawings, prints, mono-prints and photographs to offer collectors. We maintain an extensive lower level inventory warehouse that includes a private presentation room.
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