The Last Silent Auction

ARC Gallery

Feb. 1, 2024 - Mar. 22, 2018

2529 W Magnolila
Burbank, 91505
PHONE 818-848-9998

After 34 years ARC Gallery featuring the art of Bill Czappa California assemblage sculpture has to close and all the art has to be sold. Our silent auction has already begun and the closing reception and last bid will be accepted at 8:00 PM 3-22-2018. Bill’s work has been featured in 3 different documentary shorts. Goggle: Vimeo czappa, for the most recent one. Bill has made several kinetic pieces starting when he was just 14 in 1964 which is on display at the gallery. Several of them can be seen in operation on YouTube. The most recent, “Abstract Erectorism” made from erectors set parts, is 20 years in the making with 8 different motors. “Spruce Goose ll” is an abstract rendition of Howards Hughes “Spruce Goose” that actually starts up and sounds like a real air plane. That one took 500 hours to build. Bill also is known for using unusual materials in his work from Spaghetti Sauce to concrete. Perhaps his master piece is Van Goth’s “Starry Night” but done with thousands of nails and tacks. Much of his work involves social and political commentary but offered in a comical way. Such as his recent work “Antipasta” which features fruit brawling in a street scene with pasta. Bill’s work is always a delight to see so stop by make a bid on a piece or two or just stop by to see the work before it is gone.

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