The Horse Show

ArtProv Gallery

Apr. 5, 2024 - May. 20, 2017

150 Chestnut Street
Providence, 02903
Phone (401) 641-5182

“The Horse Show” is a group show of works depicting the strength and beauty of horses. It will open on April 5, 2017, and run through May 20, 2017.

The main artists exhibiting in “The Horse Show” are Alecia Barry Underhill, Brian Fox, and Melissa Mason.

• Alecia Barry Underhill captures a horse’s mood or look, often by revealing small imperfections like unclipped whiskers or a worn leather halter.

• Brian Fox specializes in painting the world’s greatest legends, including thoroughbreds and their jockeys.

• Melissa Mason is an abstract-expressionist painter who uses horses to explore the painting process.

Additional pieces will be shown by Kate Hoyer, Gin Stone, Mark Holme, and Tim Tolman.

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