The Floral Show – not what you expect

ZIA Gallery

Mar. 3, 2024 - Apr. 7, 2018

548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, 60093
PH 847-446-3970

The exhibition “The Floral Show (not what you expect)” runs through April 7 at ZIA Gallery, bringing together artists of such talents and imagination to celebrate the wonder of our natural world. This exhibition follows “The Elephant in the Room” which centered on elephants in art. Now we look toward spring with uplifting color and invention derived from inspiration of flowering plants in art.

Could it be The Floral Show suggests something so seemingly common and staid, we no longer grasp the amazing transformation of a world that specifically resulted from the evolution of flowering plants?

The late scientist and essayist Loren Eiseley revitalizes appreciation through his essay “How Flowers Changed the World.” The journey of flowering plants resulted, no less, in the emergence of us. Angiospems have developed such remarkable diversity of form, color and mechanisms to travel. Yet, we still have much to discover, learn, and to rouse our curiosity.

Visual artists, too, through flourishing creativity, re-energize the words “floral show.” They are stimulated and fascinated both directly and indirectly, as can be seen through the unexpected universes of Mary Burke, Melissa Jay Craig, Lisa A. Frank, Karina Noel Hean, Anne Hughes, Ted Preuss, Jonathan Ricci, Fumiko Toda, John Vlahakis, Carl Wilen and invited artists Kevin Veara and Phil Ponce.

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