The Diversity of Artist Diana Lyn Cote

Hartford Fine Art

Sep. 5, 2024 - Oct. 14, 2014

80 Pitkin Street
East Hartford, Connecticut 6108

This exhibit by artist Diana Lyn Cote represents a diverse array of subject interests and application styles explored over the past couple of years. There is also a selection of postcard-sized paintings from her body of work created in 2012 when she produced a painting a day
for the entire year demonstrating her conscious consideration of gratitude. Inspiration to look for the good in each day was influenced by Anne Kubitsky’s “Look For The Good Project” and has set the course for a new path for many.

You may see Diana’s journey through various images painted from her observations of nature in area parks and farther travels. These are captures of her undeniable draw to what she calls “the playful habit of light on objects.” Interesting lighting is what she considers her true subject matter. The object can be, and often is, surprisingly ordinary.

There is also an exploration of the medium itself. Working in Oil Paint stiks, a type of oil paint formulated into sticks, she plays with the application and texture unique to this art material. Layers
of scribbled lines not only form the basis of her color mixing, but also have a fortuitous sculptural consequence built by one application over the previous. Especially apparent in the Earth arid Stone
Series, this layered technique builds upon itself to create the actual feel of windswept sand and water worn beach stones.

Each wall in the gallery will transport you somewhere unexpected. From area gardens, to the shoreline, to the distant island of Rhodes, even below the waterline, Diana took yet another tack this year with the series of underwater images. These were the sketches for larger pieces particularly well suited as she often relates her style to that of children fearlessly scribbling with crayons.

As a whole, this body of work consists of ideas toyed with constantly
in the imagination of an artist set free to express with what is,
essentially, her box of crayons.

Come see Diana’s diverse body of work, now through October 14th. Artist’s reception Saturday Sept. 27th 1-3PM.

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