The Black Rock Press: Student Work

McKinley Arts and Culture Center - East and West Galleries

Oct. 1, 2024 - Oct. 24, 2014

925 Riverside Drive
Reno, Nevada 89503

Through its instructional programs, the Black Rock Press introduces students to the graphic arts techniques and intellectual disciplines involved with the creation of books, broadsides, and related materials. They are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the book as a special kind of object whose form can help reveal its contents. In Book Arts courses, students learn typographic design and letterpress printing as well as the historical aspects of printing and book production. Students are also taught other aspects of bookmaking including image-making techniques, bookbinding, papermaking, and paper decoration, which result in the creation of work as seen in this exhibition.

This exhibition contains work by students in Art 414: Introduction to Book Arts, created between 2013 and 2014 as well as a selection of student broadsides from 2008 – 2012. The exhibition was curated by Inge Bruggeman, Amy Thompson, and Jaime Shafer.

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