The 3rd Solo Exhibition “Letter-scape” by Sueim Koo

Piermont Flywheel Gallery

Apr. 9, 2024 - Apr. 26, 2015

223 Ash Street
Piermont, New York 10968

Letter-scape …..
The spoiled girls who used to run around
between dreams, hope and love.
The joys and sorrows of life that these girls wrote down
when they became mothers were
jewel-like water color paintings.
Therefore, even if they contained frustration and pain,
those letters delivered to the shabby mailbox
became my essential energy.

Now the girls are old enough to have
wrinkles and grey hairs.
I find myself waiting for the pure and warm energy
from these aging girls.
The longer I wait, the bigger my longing becomes.
Will the letter arrive tomorrow ? ….
“Where are you, girls?….”

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