The 12|12 Project

Visio Dell'Arte

Dec. 1, 2024 - Feb. 22, 2016

522 W. 23rd St.
New York, 10011-1101


12 Artists | 12 Weeks
Group Exhibition
December 1, 2015 – February 22, 2016

Visio Dell’Arte Gallery presents ‘The 12|12 Project’, a unique twelve week rotating group exhibition beginning Tuesday, December 1, 2015. The exhibit will showcase the newest masterpieces created by Visio Dell’Arte’s 12 exclusive artists. Every week, the exhibit’s focus will change, highlighting a different artist and their work for one week.

The gallery’s first Artist of the Week will be Chinese painter, Chhour Kaloon. After studying at Hong Kong Art Academy, Chhour followed painting courses in Paris. While in Paris, he discovered and became fascinated by the great Impressionist masters, who were themselves inspired by Asian art. He now lives in Provence, France and has acquired French nationality.
Discovered by Max Laniado in 2008, Chhour’s abstract paintings are known for the use of his strong and intense colors, the power of his brush strokes, and the underlying calligraphy. He brings an innovative creativity that combines Impressionist and Asian influences, the meditation on feelings and the choreography of painting.

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