That’s a Wrap! Artist Reception and Panel

Evanston Art Center

Sep. 9, 2024 - Sep. 9, 2016

1717 Central Street
Evanston, 60201

Friday, September 9: That’s a Wrap! Artist Reception and Panel
6:00 – 8:30 pm
Participants: Joseph G. Cruz, Jessica Cochran and Lucas Korte

Join EAC resident artist Joseph G. Cruz, Curator of the Society! Artwork-in-Residence program Jessica Cochran, and guest artist Lucas Korte as they engage in dialogue on topics and themes related to Cruz’s residency. Korte received his M.F.A. from the University of Notre Dame and he is currently visiting professor of drawing at the University of Notre Dame. His work deals with the nonhuman generally, originally focusing on invertebrate forms as revealed by the science of biology, with an aim towards questioning the figure of the human and the central position it has held in the universe in Western culture. More on his work and ideas can be found at

In an experimental exhibition titled Across the Sky Came a Screaming, Joseph G. Cruz will present a selection of ongoing and new photographs, sculptures, works on paper, texts, video and Historical artifacts from a years-long project, The Death of God Left the Angels in a Strange Place. This combination of found and made materials mines specifically the histories of the creation of the V2 rocket, the world’s first long range guided missile, in 1942, and its transition into becoming the first man made object to reach outer space, thus becoming the progenitor to all space programs as well as intercontinental nuclear transportation. It was from aboard a V2 that the first images of Earth from outer space were ever taken, which represented not only a sea change in visual culture, but a fundamental shift in the way that humans understand the horizon, our position within the cosmos.

In an exploratory demonstration of the ambivalent nature of technology (what does it want?), Cruz’s selection of images and objects (from art and historical to pop cultural) sourced from site visits to Germany and New Mexico, eBay and his studio, privileges the everyday over the iconic. Spanning and interweaving the military, scientific, industrial and pop cultural sphere of influence, works on display may include parts of an actual V2, drawings made with powdered shrapnel, magazine advertisements, appropriated fiction, hand carved rocks and landscape photographs. Viewers may find few measures taken to distinguish art objects from artifacts, or images of historical record from the artists’ compositions.

For more information on Joseph G. Cruz’s residency, please visit: \

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