Terry Redlin Collection

Redlin Art Center

Jan. 2, 2024 - Dec. 27, 2027

1200 33rd Street SE
Watertown, South Dakota 57201
Phone 605.882.3877


The Terry Redlin Art Center is dedicated to the great our doors, a theme that he began at childhood in Watertown, South Dakota. Redlin is a master artist for over 25 years and is considered one of the country’s most widely collected painters of wildlife and Americana.

The 30 acres surrounding the have undergone a dramatic transformation. Grassy area that surrounds the 30 acres of Redlin Art Center was developed to create fresh waterways and landscape to represent the living painting. Each contour of the landscape defines his paintbrush touches and careful creation development. Guests of the Redlin park are welcome to have a picnic, or simply enjoy nature.

To learn more about the “Terry Redlin Conservation Park”, wetlands, waterways and art center, visit the Art Center website.

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