Suspended Energy: Gregg Silvis and Hannah Steele

Carlisle Arts Learning Center

Sep. 24, 2024 - Oct. 30, 2021

38 W. Pomfret Street
Carlisle, 17013
PHONE 717 385-9579

Silvis’ sculptural and precisely crafted works describe light and space in new ways using common materials in unusual ways. His previous careers as a professional musician and then an academic librarian inform his use of books, sheet music, glass, and paper and combining them with paint, fire, Plexiglas, and lights to create sculptural installations. You may remember Silvis’ Best in Show piece, Frozen Waterfall II” from CALC’s 2019 Alterations exhibit. Silvis lives and works in Newark, DE.

The spontaneous oil paintings of Steele draw the viewer into familiar, yet intimate spaces. She desires the maximum impact with the most minimum of information, allowing each bit of paint and each brushstroke to contribute its importance to the work. Embracing the tactile qualities of her materials, including the presence of the artist’s hand in the work, she strives to evoke memories and capture the most fleeting of moments. Steele, a graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, PA, was chosen to participate in an artist –in-residence program this spring at Nemocolin Resort and will begin her graduate studies in Boston this fall.

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