Surface Tension

Global art perspectives

Jan. 10, 2024 - Feb. 28, 2017

Online only Video Exhibition
Princeton, 08540

Surface Tension ( is an online exhibition of the new work of five international visual artists. In responding to the theme of Surface Tension we use a broad range of media with creative interpretations grounded in deep awareness of our diverse cultural influences. As a group we are quite separate geographically, living in four countries and on three continents. Surface Tension provides a meeting place for our shared concerns on the impact of globalization.
Our online video gallery takes the viewer on a journey in which we each express our particular visual interpretations on pressing worldwide issues from natural resources, migration and consumerism, through to personal reflections on identity, memory and travel.
We are accepting donations for MSF/Doctors without Borders if visitors like the exhibition, but there is no fee to look at the exhibition.

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