Street Aesthetics


Aug. 5, 2024 - Aug. 26, 2017

110 E. 9th Street Suite CL002
Los Angeles, 90079
PHONE (213) 221-4545

FATHOM is pleased to present Street Aesthetics, an exhibition of original street art and limited edition prints selected from the Jeff Hamilton Collection and Sugar Press Street Artists.

The exhibition is an informal survey of street art and urban pop styles, and features an electrifying group of contemporary street artists:

Amerrikazmost, Angel Once, Brett Crawford, Colette Miller, Creepshow, Danny Minnick, Erin Yoshi, J Valentin, Jeff Hamilton, Jimmy Warhol, Kanaky, Kiosk, Koor, MEW, MegZany, Narrator, OOGUM, Oscar Meza, Roaming Elephant, Rohitash Rao, SEYXYES, Teachr, Theodolit Markant…

SUGAR PRESS Street Editions featuring: Bisco Smith, Colette Miller, Erin Yoshi, ESPY DPT/ZNC, Max Neutra, MEW, MegZany, Not Your Muse, Rohitash Rao and Tanner Goldbeck.

Also featured are Jeff Hamilton leather collaborations with Big Sleeps, Prime K2S, Clinton Bob and Karen Bystedt.

What really excites us about street art and what motivated us to mount this exhibition is the incredible mix of styles and influences that seem to encompass virtually every art form — past and present. And it’s those combinations that created a new, widely diverse, urban aesthetic that in turn allowed for individual artistic expression in a manner and scale never seen. How could we resist?

Noticeable influences in the works exhibited include: primitive art and symbols, type styles from classic calligraphy to early graffiti letters, advertising and graphic design from clip art to happy faces, popular entertainment from animation to music to movies, and classic art forms from the surrealism to abstraction to photo realistic.

Master artists who’s influences are also felt in the exhibition include van Gogh, Picasso, Haring, Warhol, Basquiat, Walt Disney and many others.

Please join us Saturday August 5th at 7 PM for Street Aesthetics!

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