Bobby Hill Art

Jun. 20, 2024 - Jun. 23, 2019

195 Chrystie Street (South Gallery)
New York, 10002

STELLAR- Bobby Hill Solo Exhibition in NYC’s Lower East Side

STELLAR is a story of getting back to the basics in order to move forward and rediscover who I am as a visual artist. To me, this meant using my life as the subject matter. Taking more time than usual to create each piece and being very deliberate with the composition. Painting with the brush rather than drawing with the brush. Scraping away layers of paint and collage materials that’s been building up on each found wooden panel over the last ten plus years. Working with common house paints as my main choice of medium… and purposely limiting myself to using a small stock of paintbrushes I purchased a few years ago from a recently passed away friend. He found them while dumpster diving at a local art university. Although I’m known for my mixed media screenprints, creatively I believe there’s other levels to ascend to. Here I begin at STELLAR -Bobby Hill


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