“Staccato” & “ENROOTABLES”

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Apr. 4, 2024 - May. 5, 2019

486 Harrison Ave
Boston, 02118
PHONE 617 482 7781


Boston Sculptors Gallery presents two concurrent solo shows, “Staccato” by Claudia Olds Goldie & “ENROOTABLES” by Leslie Wilcox.

Claudia Olds Goldie: Staccato, an exciting collection of figurative and abstract sculptures texturally linked by their intricately patterned surfaces, on view April 3rd through May 5th 2019. Graphite pencil drawings on white ceramic clay masquerade as textile designs on some figures, and on others as extensive body tattoos, with the uncanny ability to mask nakedness and vulnerability. As an artist known for her figurative work, Olds Goldie’s recent embrace of the abstract allows to alter her voice in a manner that remains harmonious and related to the figure.

Leslie Wilcox’s solo exhibition ENROOTABLES is inspired by evidence of trees’ underground social network known as the “wood wide web”, coined by the journal Nature 388 (1997), Wilcox shrouds sea-distressed deadwood with twisted metal screening to explore earthbound similarities and shared connections between human forms and life-sustaining, mutually communicative arboreal forests.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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