SPRING, Hacer’s sculpture

Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Aug. 6, 2024 - Aug. 29, 2015

251 Post Street Suite
San Francisco, California 94108


Scott Richards Contemporary Art new exhibition ‘SPRING,’ is a collection of polychromed steel origami shaped sculptures by Los Angeles artist, HACER.
The folded paper like metal shapes depict rabbits, seals, bear cubs and birds, even Bixby the pink elephant. Like Alexander Calder’s Circus series, Hacer’s sculpture capture the happiness of childhood games. As a small youngster Hacer was raised in a series of foster homes and states, “As I shape my work, I learn to reshape myself, lessening the past’s grip.”
In his solo exhibition at Scott Richards Contemporary Art, Hacer presents a gathering of glossily colored small scale figures which appear to be made of folded origami paper, but are grasped in folded sheets of powder-coated steel. The show’s title evokes the bright views of the season and the artist’s own personal journey and rebirth.

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