“Spin” & “Stretched”

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Dec. 13, 2024 - Jan. 28, 2018

486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, 02118
PHONE 617-482-7781


Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present the opening of two concurrent solo shows,
Spin & Stretched By Kristen Reynolds & Waldo Jespersen

Reynolds’ new installation, Spin, her debut exhibition at Boston Sculptors, features a baroque cascade of architectural structures tumbling through the gallery. Colorful, patterned arcs attached to wood frames resembling post and beam construction appear to be fragments of larger decorative architectural forms. Reynolds transforms ordinary materials into playful exaggerations of the real to complicate the installation’s physical presence.

Stretched is Waldo Jespersen’s inaugural solo exhibition of new work at Boston Sculptors Gallery. Driven by formalism and problem solving, Jespersen’s work represents the distillation of a thought pushed through the filters of reality and compromise. Often engineered to push the boundaries of materials and processes, as well as his own ability, Jespersen’s sculptures are surprisingly elegant, whimsical, and deceptively simple in their purity of form. The process spurs an endless playful battle between the juxtaposition of a simple concept and complex construction.

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