Six Artists/Six Perspectives

Tivoli Artists Gallery

Mar. 30, 2024 - Apr. 22, 2018

60 Broadway
Tivoli, 12583
PHONE 845-757-2667

“Six Artists/Six Perspectives” an exhibition of Hudson Valley Artists, Karl Volk, Cecelia Sinclair, C. Michael Bufi, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Valerie Hoffmann and Julia Aneshansley, will be on display at the Tivoli Artists Gallery, 60 Broadway, Tivoli from March 30th -April 22nd with an Artist Reception on Saturday, March 31st from 6-8pm free and opened to the public.

Six artists have expressed themselves in their unique styles from Abstract, Assemblage, Art Nouveau to Realism among other art genres. “We have come together to promote works for our originality, creativity, innovation and artistic expression. All the works in this exhibition present an inventive expression and reveal routes of intellectual discovery which disclose new possibilities for thought and inspiration” states Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, curator of the show.

Julia Aneshansley of Germantown creates story book collages and images of Victorian dye cut figures set in hand painted landscapes. “Fantasy takes us to new places, in fact it is my favorite kind of travel and fairy tales do this.” Her assemblage collections are theatrical in nature, whimsical and beautiful. Julia’s collections instill a dreamlike aura that invites the viewer into their own private magical world.

C. Michael Bufi of Germantown, C. Michael Bufi of Germantown, New York uses a variety of three- dimensional materials as a medium in most of his work. His ‘assemblages’ create the ‘illusion’ of depth when applied to a two-dimensional plane. By using this technique, he hopes the viewer can look behind the ‘veil’ of appearance and appreciate the piece for itself. He says, “I like working in assemblage because I feel like it brings out the duality between a sculpture and a painting. The opportunities it offers are unlimited.”

Valerie Hoffmann of Taconic works embodies various techniques, often in mixed mediums, transforming realism into abstract forms by manipulating paint to often create “accidents” yet respecting and maintaining a relationship to the subject. Her subjects often explore form and texture in the organic shapes and elements found in nature. Valerie’s paintings are a colorful use of composition, shapes and textures, as well as collage which often articulate and expand on the subject Her pieces range from the vivid and kinetic to the ethereal and sublime.

Cecelia Sinclair of Hudson, a self-taught artist and registered nurse spends her free time painting the landscapes and cityscapes of the Hudson Valley. Primarily in oils, her signature nocturne scenes are created with mysterious atmospheres and illuminating effects. Notably, her fourteen -piece “After Dark” series captures the subtle essence of evening light in the city. These beautiful works are a true representation of her passion for capturing the pensive mood of cityscapes. Her works are remarkable for its use of light, shade, tonal value and form.

Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, an encaustic artist works with her own beeswax, damar resin and pigment instead to create paintings with luminosity, texture and depth. Her paintings seem to float off the surface. Framed and unframed they bring their brilliant immediacy closer to the appreciative eye. It is an ancient technique resurrected for modern purposes. She states “Art is the stored honey of the human soul.”

Karl Volk of Poughkeepsie works with watercolors, as well as the more studied approach demanded by his acrylic still life’s and in creating “visual poetry” using a variety of mediums. “I do not adhere to a distinct style. I find the materials and the situations influence what I do and how I do the work a great deal. l Sometimes set out and plan on adhering to a style I have used before if it is the same general topic as in landscapes for example. Especially if the same material is used. But If I made a collage of corrugated cardboard completely different work methods and results would apply. “That is why I think of myself as an opportunistic artist.” Karl’s work can be seen as a visual interpretation and exploration of the human psyche.

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