Side Effects

SACI Gallery

Nov. 27, 2024 - Feb. 6, 2020

454 W 19th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 212 248.7225

SACI New York Gallery’s winter exhibition is filled with vibrant visuals, showcasing mixed media and digital imagery by alumna Sam Heydt.

Previously exhibited at the 2019 Miami Art Basel, Side Effects, debuts in NYC for the winter.

On View:  November 27, 2019 – February 6, 2020

Employing a complex narrative assemblage of movie imagery, war photography and vintage advertisement, this exhibition takes the self-deception of the post-war American middle class – i.e., the narrative created by tabloids, television, and cinema – as a leading motive, and sidesteps into iconographically related themes. Through adding and subtracting meaning by combining images of destruction with portrayals of the virtues born from the American Dream, Heydt confronts the disillusionment of our time with the ecological and existential nightmare it is responsible for.

Please join us for the Artist Reception:  Thursday, December 19th @ 6:00pm

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