Shadows: The Black Work of Andres Giles 2013 to 2016

One Art Space

Jun. 6, 2024 - Jun. 13, 2016

23 Warren St.
New York, 10007
(908) 875 0149

Andres is a young, exciting, versatile and accomplished painter from Argentina. He has shown throughout his country most notably at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires as well as galleries in New York and Paris.

His ” Action Painting “evoke Jackson Pollock, William Koenig, Franz Kline , Richard Hamilton, but with more modern, contemporary pictorials adopting new techniques and experimenting with Avanguardia technologies.

His work has been admired by Yoko Ono, the famous Argentinean painter Romulo Macció and critic Milton Esterow of Art News Magazine.

He is known for painting bright beads of optimistic colors with movement that flows off the canvas that can be traced back to work by such artists as Kazuko Inoue. His black and white paintings and his profound black shadow work of Stygian, psychovisual shocks force the viewer to face our most feared internal demons. In this regard, he builds brilliantly on work of the late Ad Reinhardt, Alberto Burri, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell and more recently Rashid Johnson.

Andres was born in Buenos Aires on November 10th 1980 and was devoted to painting from an early age. He is self-taught and studied the great masters and modern and contemporary painters in museums around the world including New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Rome and Berlin.

Andres is represented by Paul Calendrillo New York.

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