Shades in Time

Walker Fine Art

Sep. 12, 2024 - Nov. 1, 2014

300 W. 11th Ave Ste A
Denver, Colorado 80204

Walker Fine Art proudly presents: SHADES IN TIME, featuring Bonny Lhotka and Norman Epp, in a collaborative exhibit with alternative modern photography and large wooden sculpture. Epp and Lhotka have collaborated on one other exhibition here at Walker Fine Art in 2011 titled “Horizons”.
This feature exhibit is based around different aspects of time. Lhotka touches on the subject of time while using images of past found objects that represent childhood memories. Her abstracted photography subtly tells stories of different moments in the artist’s own life.
Epp’s sculptures are large singular pieces of wood into which he welds layers of steel. His work reflects time as a cyclical object, and helps to tell the story of “Chronos” (the personification of time).
Their work is paired with a back gallery exhibit featuring abstract paintings by Melanie Grein, Floral oil paintings by Chloe Hedden, and resin on panel work by a new artist to Walker Fine Art, Patricia J Finley.
Opening Friday, September 12, 2014 6-9 pm
First Friday Reception: October 3rd, 2014 6-8 pm
Art Conversation Series: September 30th and October 28th, 5:30-7 pm

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