Rabbithole Gallery

Apr. 7, 2024 - Apr. 7, 2016

33 Washington Street
Brooklyn, 11201

Creaddictive in collaboration with The Espejo Organization for the Arts and Rabbithole Projects are honored to present Serendipia, a one-night-only exhibition featuring photographs, painting and live performances from international artists that found themselves in the same place at the same time. Using the concept of chance as a starting point, each artists will present a piece of their current work that responds to the nature of this fortuitous encounter.
Judith Samper, also known as Jusa, will present a series of eight spherical photographs that aim to capture the complete spirit of a moment. Jusa finds inspiration in the everyday, turning mundane scenarios into fantastic 360 degree photographs of deserted landscapes that resemble unknown planets hidden on our commonplace. Jusa uses multiples cameras to generate enchanting and captivating scenes that transports the viewer to surreal worlds for them to discover.
Coming from a more figurative tradition, Andres Alvarez’s work is a result of his fascination with psychology and how individuals interpret abstract concepts differently. Exploring the diverse effects that perception has on our imagination, Alvarez creates balanced interactions between controlled lines and shades, between variations of dark colors and undefined liquid shapes. Alvarez blurs the line between light and dark, presenting works that intrigues and challenges the viewer with the sensuality of female forms.
María Providencia Casanovas, bases her artistic practice on her most immediate experiences and activities of her daily life. Casanovas will show two different series of photographs and monoprints that explore the relationship she establishes with her living and working spaces. Using black and white as a way to reveal identity and absence, Casanovas’ work centers on how we build identity in regard to others.
Offering a more abstract universe, Lorenzo Sanjuan will present paintings and three-dimensional sculptural piece that aim to illustrate multiple perspectives under the same view. Based on a contemporary cubist interpretation of the self and the inner life, Sanjuan focus his current work on the complicated task of creating a self-portrait. Following the longstanding art tradition of introspection, San Juan explores the deconstruction of common objects searching for new spaces inside of old forms.
The show will also count with the live acts of Jose Callen, Darko Saric, and LRD.
The exhibition is curated by Creaddictive, a New York City-based online art network that provides a showcase platform for the work of artists, designers, poets, musicians, photographers, and other creatives. Creaddictive mission is to provide visibility and space to contemporary artistic and creative practices encouraging constant investigation and experimentation.
The Espejo Organization for the Arts, an arts management organization based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that supports and promotes the work of mid-career and emerging international artists and creatives, is in charge of the event. Since 2013, EOarts has developed workshops, exhibitions, publications, art residencies, and many other programs with the mission to create an international and multicultural community that will open new possibilities and perspectives for culture worlwide.
The event will take place from 7.00 to 11.00 pm on Thursday April 7th at Rabbihole Project (33 Washington Street, Brooklyn). Rabbithole Projects is a contemporary art space located on the waterfront of the Dumbo arts district in Brooklyn. Since 2006, the gallery has exhibited works by emerging and mid-career artists, presenting over 60 group and solo shows as a participant gallery in Dumbo’s First Thursday series of art walks. The space operates as a project room, providing artists a forum for showing new works and works-in-progress. Rabbithole Projects also hosts a series of special events, from movie screenings, readings, yoga classes, and the Brooklyn Creative program of artist workshops.

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