Seçkin Pirim: Hypochondriac

C24 Gallery

Sep. 15, 2024 - Oct. 29, 2016

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011
(646) 416-6300

Seçkin Pirim directly departs from his own experience for this exhibition that features minimal lines. Hypochondria, or the constant worry about having a serious illness, is a condition the artist has struggled with for the past two years. During his treatment, the artist gradually realized that external factors were the cause of his condition, and that both the sick person, and the doctor were inside him. And he is purified through producing his work as a form of therapy.

The obsessively symmetrical, precise and optical effect displayed in the artist’s previous work, is combined with it’s exact opposite, a spontaneous and uncalculated style of production, to form the main concept of the exhibition. Pirim asks whether the distorted or the immaculate can be described as diseased, and accepting both as his own with no recourse to any internal criticism, in a sense, places himself, unfiltered, before the mirror.

Hypochondriac features works that host two opposite, symmetrical and asymmetrical poles; and in some cases, we also observe two versions of the same work, representing opposite poles. Placing the challenges of form and content at the centre of his production, this is how Seçkin Pirim describes his exhibition Hypochondriac: “This is an exhibition that overlaps with my life, it lays my life bare. Each work has a story, and a corresponding title. I healed each of those conditions and deteriorations by working in a free and spontaneous manner. I had to genuinely force myself to venture beyond my own borders, but in the end, it worked…”


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