ruby onyinyechi amanze: astroturf-rooftop-picnics

Morgan Lehman Gallery

Jun. 18, 2024 - Jul. 18, 2015

535 W 22nd Street, 6th Floor
NEW YORK, New York 10011

In a once conflicted space of neither here nor there, ada the Alien and her cohort of kindred creatures [including audre the Leopard, Pidgin, Twin, Oyibo the Merman, ofunne & the Ghosts…] now flourish in their self constructed, chimeric universe. The drawings are part of an ongoing, non-linear narrative called aliens, hybrids and ghosts. Existing somewhere between constructed reality, fantasy, memory and imagination, these creatures and their adventures reflect the layered experiences of a growing population of “in-betweeners” and global citizens, whose fluid identity is not grounded in a singular geography or permanence-based, notion of home. In this world, creatures find authenticity, wholeness and freedom in their ability to simultaneously belong nowhere and everywhere. In this world, they play.

“It’s as much about beauty and make-believe, as it is a commentary on cultural hybridity. This isn’t social science, it’s magic-realism and the power of drawing to invent worlds for ourselves. I’m a story-teller, not an advocate.”

ruby onyinyechi amanze

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