Roni Sherman Ramos: Earthly Realm

Atlantic Gallery

Nov. 3, 2024 - Nov. 26, 2016

548 West 28th Street, Suite 540
New York City, 10001
(212) 219-3183

Atlantic Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Roni Sherman Ramos’ recent abstract works in oil. Underlying the variety of images in the work is a common visual theme: the drama of overlaying textures and colors. What’s also striking is a sense that movement is happening, whether in quiet joinings when elements float nearby each other, or in collisions of a storm in full fury, or through subtle blendings that defy where they open and how they fade away. Finding yourself enveloped by these images can come as a surprise, though it shouldn’t once you spend a moment of time looking. Although some images politely invite you to enter, some grab on and draw you inside. And in each case, and in each viewing and reviewing, what you discover is satisfyingly unique, even exotic.
From “Horizon” to “Neon Rain”, the exhibition makes for quite a rich even joyous “conversation”. More of her work may be viewed at

Opening reception: Thursday Nov.3, 5-8pm

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