The Guild’s Art and Community History

The Guild of Boston Artists

Jan. 1, 2024 - Dec. 30, 2027

162 Newbury St
Boston, Massachusetts 2116
Phone: 617-536-7660

…quote taken from the Guild of Boston Art website.  “Established in 1914 by the prominent painters of the day, including Edmund Tarbell, William Paxton and Frank Benson, the Guild of Boston Artists was created to be an artist owned and operated gallery. With the mission of promoting both emerging and established artists living in the region, the Guild developed a reputation for excellence in quality and presentation.

As soon as the association moved into their 162 Newbury Street location, they began converting the space to suite their needs. A second exhibition space was added to the ground floor that featured a stunning skylight. This room became known as the President’s Gallery, named for those who ran the organization throughout the years.

In the 1930’s the Guild became a nonprofit arts association and added educational programs to their roster of events. The mission expanded to promoting the arts though lectures, demonstrations and social gatherings. The Guild was a center for interchange of ideas between the artists and the community.

Today the Guild still maintains their building at 162 Newbury Street, the heart of Boston’s Gallery District. The mission is to both provide exhibition space to local, traditional artists and to offer educational opportunities to the local community.”

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