Ron Agam & Marco Casentini-Incandescent Chromophilia

GR gallery

Apr. 20, 2024 - May. 28, 2017

255 Bowery
New York, 10002
Phone (917) 703-9262

What: GR Gallery is proud to present the exhibition “Incandescent Chromophilia” by Ron Agam and Marco Casentini. Both Agam and Casentini are invested in researching and experimenting with hard-edged color field painting and geometry. The exhibition will feature 25 recent works by the two artists, engaging in a conversation about the infinite possibilities through which quadrilaterals—fixed on canvas through an exhilarating palette comparable to that of pop art—interact with one another.

When: Opening reception: Thursday April 20, 6:00pm – 9:00pm (Exhibition Dates: April 20-May 28, 2017) Members of the press can contact GR Gallery in advance to schedule a private viewing and/or an interview with the artists.

Where: GR Gallery, 255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002 Who: Ron Agam , Marco Casentini

Why: “Incandescent Chromophilia” aims to investigate the artistic output of two international, contemporary artists who not only share an affinity for geometry and kinetic shades, but also a deep connection with Italy, the country GR Gallery hails from. Marco Casentini is Italian, however now works primarily in California. Conversely, Ron Agam is French-Israeli and based in New York, with a deep love and appreciation for Italy and its art. The artist’s modern interpretation of the French flag is displayed at the French Embassy in New York City—next to Michelagelo’s Cupid.

GR gallery: Founded during the mid-seventies in Sacile, Italy, Italian art critic Giovanni Granzotto’s Studio d’Arte GR has specialized in Kinetic, Op, and Programmed Art for years. Its U.S. branch, GR Gallery, continues its mission in North America. Visitor Information: Tue- Sat 12:00pm – 7:00p

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