ROCK/LIGHT – A Singular Tale


Nov. 12, 2024 - Jan. 7, 2017

110 E. 9th Street Suite CL002
Los Angeles, 90079
(213) 221-4545

ROCK/LIGHT – A Singular Tale

FATHOM is delighted to present this exciting Solo Exhibition of Paintings & Poetry by Joshua Elias.

The map-like quality to Joshua’s paintings have been highlighted by art critics and the artist himself. The sense of map is present to be sure, but there is also a deeper vein running through his body of work. The ROCK/LIGHT exhibition is a perfect example — inspired by a recent trip to Iceland, the resulting paintings are lyrical abstractions of hidden villages and hidden time.

Joshua’s process starts with a ritualistic approach to the canvas. He makes his own paints from dry pigment, changing the mixture to best match different substrates and the particular effect he’s after. Watching him paint, you see the ritual take shape both in the act of mixing the paint and the rhythm of the work — sometimes kinetic light brush strokes or hard scrapes with a cake knife. Always starting in the upper left corner. Ritual and rhythm. Time and timelessness.

Live poetry reading by the artist starts at 8PM!

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