rising fog becomes cloud

Blue Orange Contemporary

Sep. 6, 2024 - Oct. 18, 2014

1208 W Gray St.
Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 527-0030


Blue Orange Contemporary, acting in concert with Ken General, co-founder of The Duende Art Project and former director of Wade Wilson Art, is pleased to invite you to a special exhibition entitled ‘rising fog becomes cloud’ by Tae Lee.

The exhibit opens with a reception for the artist from 6-9pm on Saturday, September 6, 2014, and will remain on view through Saturday, October 18, 2014. Blue Orange Contemporary is located at 1208 West Gray St., Houston, TX 77019.

We are delighted to bring you a beautiful exhibition sharing the works of artist, Tae il Lee, an international artist who has shown in major art meccas such as New York City and Seoul, South Korea. He brings his ethereal and strangely beautiful paintings and drawings to Houston, where he has recently chosen as a place to complete his latest body of work.

Tae’s work successfully seduces viewers into a dimension where human empathy and introspection merge into one state of consciousness, both calming and unsettling. Through his paintings and drawings of Jungian figures and wispy poetry, Tae authenticates his position on the exquisitely strenuous nature of the human condition and enlightened awareness.

The focus of Tae Lee’s work invites him to ruminate on a certain state of being that is regarded as the ideal found at the peak of the human condition. Lee believes this ideal is found in the visage of empathy found in the expressions of Jesus, Mary, and the high Saints in the paintings of the 19th century Italian Renaissance. The faces imply a sense of understanding in the difficulties that humanity battle in its longing
for enlightenment/salvation, but does not condescend humanity with condescending sympathy or pity.

It is Lee’s belief that this state of being is one akin to Eastern religious or aesthetic philosophies such as Zen and Wabi-Sabi, which intermingles beauty with a sense of impermanence and transience. This acceptance and meditation of the material and immaterial world is found in countless cultures from the Mystics in the Amazons to the Indigenous cultures of Africa, their link and commonality giving proof to our
interconnection, with not only each other but the natural world.

“In this time of ever expanding globalization, with the powerful actions of humanity

catching up with the ever-increasing speed of human whims, I believe it is

imminently important that we look to this ideal state of enlightened being, not only for

guidance, but for comfort as well.” – Tae il Lee

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