Renè Treviño: Gran Fury

Montpelier Arts Center: Main Gallery

Sep. 8, 2024 - Oct. 26, 2019

9652 Muirkirk Road
Laurel, 20708
PHONE 301-377-7800


Mexican-American artist, Renè Treviño, is a Baltimore based painter whose work is precise and graphic. Treviño explores themes of history and identity as he is often compelled to create thoughtful and beautiful work that confronts societal assumptions and gives new insight into human experience. His artwork creates a platform where he can reweave lessons he has learned from the past and reveal his personal quest for heroism and bravery to define his place in the world. This exhibit showcases paintings that mix pop culture references like Oreo cookies and the Gran Fury logo with star charts and Mayan walls.

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