Racks On Racks and Urban ARTifacts

Lambert Fine Arts

Jan. 1, 2024 - Feb. 12, 2012

57 Stanton Street
New York, New York 10002


Lambert Fine Arts Presents: Shalom Neuman and Terrenceo – Racks On Racks and Urban ARTifacts January 20th – February 12, 2011 Opening Reception: Friday January 20th, 7-10pm 57 Stanton Street (at Eldridge) NY, NY 10002 212-353-2787 / [email protected] F to 2nd Ave | JMZ to Essex St | D to Grand Gallery Hours: Tues – Sun 1-8pm Lambert Fine Arts is pleased to present “Racks On Racks and Urban ARTifacts” highlighting the works of Shalom Neuman and Terrenceo, two of the most prolific and original contemporary artists who expose the social issues that an egocentric society saturated with apathy has long deemed as acceptable. Both artists take a multi-sensory and multi-media approach to boldly challenge our assumptions about contemporary culture and life in the digital age. Shalom Neuman has been called a “phenomenon” by both Robert Morgan and Donald Kuspit, while his Fusion Art is described by critic Lester Strong as “Combining color, motion, and sound into a multidisciplinary, multisensory extravaganza [that] reflects and comments on a contemporary world he sees as seriously out of joint and in need of repair.” At Lambert Fine Arts will be the Amerikaseries, multi-media and interactive portraits made from found objects, sound recordings, motion sensors and toys “constructed from the detritus of our society, they reach beyond the individual to comment on a culture where rampant consumerism threatens to engulf us all.” Terrenceo refers to his bodies of work as Contemporary New Realism and Digital Primitive. Using a complex layering of collage, assorted materials, and distinctive brushwork, Terrenceo updates Nouveau Réalisme and takes a satirical approach in his juxtaposition of iconic images from popular culture to develop compelling and provocative social commentary. His use of found objects and digital manifestations from contemporary life express his response to being submerged in a highly materialistic and technologically advanced world, which we are forced to encounter with no regard for the implications, misinterpretations, and social constructions that form the foundation for entire belief systems. “The work of both artists reflect lives of perseverance and triumph despite conflict, forced displacement, injustice, and racism, and I think Shalom and Terrenceo have extremely significant and timeless things to say about popular culture and modern life,” states Executive Director Marc Lambert. About the Gallery: Lambert Fine Arts occupies the unique and quirky landmark Fusion Arts Museum, beautifully reflecting the funky, innovative, and provocative nature of contemporary Urban Arts. With multi-cultural artists using a multi-media approach, the artists and performers at Lambert Fine Arts demonstrate a contemporary sophistication in their use of new media, modern technology, and complex symbolic imagery to engage viewers in a progressive and compelling social critique. Related Events: Feb. 5 – Action Art by Shalom Neuman, Carrie Beehan, Peter Grzbowski, and Kika & Shawn Feb. 10 – Performance Art by Terrenceo & Paunika Jones

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